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if extraordinary is not clearly defined, then anything is extraordinary

apparently eduardo's dive during the 2ng leg of our celtic tie is now all over the news and uefa wants to subject eduardo to a disciplinary hearing that should result in a 2 match ban.

1. fifa has said again and again that what the ref has judged on is always final. the ref judged it a penalty and he has not come out to say that he made a mistake.
2. diving is commonplace. how come this dive is all over the news?
3. we won the first leg 2-0. and the 2nd leg 3-1. they scored with the last kick of the entire tie. penalty or no penalty, celtic had no chance. this penalty did not change the course of the game.
4. usually people change the rules after the game. so that it takes effect on the next game. rule changes usually do not retroactively affect previous games. declaring that diving will be a 2-match ban offense and subject to video review from now onwards(instead of a yellow card as it is now) is a good start. but digging up a dive in a match just finished? how about video reviewing all the matches played that day? the day before? the week before? this season? last season? the whole history of football?
5. uefa or fifa, i don't know which one, i think, has no idea how to run a game at all. i forgot what exactly happened, but some seasons ago, Everton were threatening to get the 4th spot in the league and qualify for the champions league next season. Liverpool were behind them in the league, but were threatening to win the current champions league. So liverpool complained that they should have the automatic right to return next season to defend their champions league title if they indeed won it. And the regulators changed the rules halfway through the season! i believe some irish team was the victim of this - both everton and liverpool went to the champions league and some irish team lost their spot.
so apparently rules that have always been followed were suspended because of some extraordinary events. But WHAT extraordinary events?
If any extraordinary event can lead to the suspension of rules, then any event can lead to the suspension of rules, since neither uefa nor fifa have defined what is extraordinary.
if they don't define exactly under what circumstances can the rules be suspended, then by implication they can be suspended anytime at anyone's whims. which begs the question, why have rules at all then?
as of now, i can only empirically conclude that liverpool and celtic's complaints constitute extraordinary events. i wonder what else would qualify.

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eduardo, twinstrata, chelsio and barracuda networks

eduardo dived to get the first goal in our 3-1 home win over celtic. the referee gave it so according to the rules, thats that. but as a football club that stands for doing the right thing, we should ban eduardo ourselves - let him play in the reserves for the next match. in a fair game, he should have gotten a yellow card and we would still have won, given our footballing superiority. however, since the referee failed to give him the yellow card, we should do it ourselves(rounding up the yellow card to a match ban), and also dock his goal bonus for that penalty.

iscsi vm appliance for private and public cloud storage.

more iscsi(in this case, nas also) host connectivity..

the backup service does dedupe on the server side. it also comes with a backup agent, which does dedupe on the client side as well. dunno how it actually works together; don't imagine that it dedupes twice...

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Slashdot Technology Story | Nielsen Struggles To Track Modern Viewing Habits

I want a step better. I want a web interfaced TV show, where at any point, I can pause the show, hover over something I see that I like, and have it tell me who makes it, and if I click on it, have it take me to a shopping site to buy the product. Now that would be effective product placement. Like that jacket? Buy it with a click. Think Fargo\'s car is cool? Click on it to find your local dealer. Think that maternity shirt is adorable? Order one for your wife within seconds if you enable Amazon\'s one click show based interface.

Want to just watch the show? Hey, it\'s commercial free, brought to you by - enjoy!

Think of the money that could be made on these types of impulse purchases?!

sony ebook reader for libraries, craigslist has no meetings and ac nielsen technology sucks

this could be VERY INTERESTING!!!!!!!!!!

of craigslist,

Only programmers, customer service reps, and accounting staff work at Craigslist. There is no business development, no human resources, no sales. As a result, there are no meetings.

contentiously, i think its obvious someone can do better than nielsen and gang. that stuff is obviously retarded..

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wanova, cctvs and music discovery

this is damn interesting!!! shares some parallels with zenith's arca appliance...

maybe we want to take a look at how we budget for cctvs...interesting discussion...

a few music discovery services..

xkcd - A Webcomic - Tech Support Cheat Sheet

terry childs, yahoo!, republic project, usb3 raid, new net technologues, ayehu, and retail optimisation

1. more management people should make themselves knowledgeable about whats going on, this is a very good warning. 2. it certainly sounded to me like the SF government didn't know whats going on at all. 3. good to know that the judge seems to make sense.

the! return! of! yahoo! ???

about time this happened. we need more of such enterprises. i don't mind paying the artist directly as much as i mind paying EMI.

this could be an interesting development for small business storage.

a useful sounding network management tool.

disaster recovery...contingency situation management...interesting to know...

once upon a time, we thought about starting our own i.t. retail shop. and we thought that our winning strategy was to make use of 'meta' information. stuff like which combinations of products at which shelf position sold best..i can't remember what else we wanted to track...but its probably an off the shelf software you can buy now...

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facebook apps, flight caster, and mexican drug laws

to all those who add facebook apps anyhow : know what do facebook apps do. facebook seems to imply some level of privacy and security by offering security and privacy settings options..but do read this first before adding any facebook app. but of course, public info is..well...public...

this should be internationalised! are the americans the only ones with delayed flights?

some clear thinking from the mexican government. focus on the bigger war - the drug cartels. and stop penalising the common people. help them instead.

on why what wenger is doing, or not, is reasonable

trying out this! displays wolfram alpha results besides google ones. i know, i'm slow. haiz.

anyway, alot of thoughts about arsenal and wenger.

1. we won everton 6-1, first leg of celtic tie 2-0, and portsmouth 4-1.
2. before the season everyone said arsenal will suffer because last season we only luckily squeaked in at 4th. and we let 2 of our most prominent players leave.
3. everyone said we need a big defensive mid(including myself), possibly a centerback, and even a gk too.
4. i.e. if we didnt get the big defensive mid we will perform badly.
5. we didn't get the big defensive mid. we won our first 3 games 6-1, 2-0 and 4-1. easy games perhaps, but there is no other evidence we can use to accuse wenger of failing to produce results.
6. still, almunia botched up at portsmouth big time. so yea, evidence that the gk position still needs a better solution.
7. when we play man u next week, it will test this new team of wenger's for real. the first 4 matches(including the 2nd leg against celtic yet to be played) are mere betas and RCs compared to the man u match thats the RTM..
8. during the last 2 years, we complained that compared to the previous glorious midfield of pires and ljungberg, this midfield didnt score enough. now they've(together with the defenders) scored 11 out of the 12 goals in the first 3 matches. now we complain that the strikers are not scoring. arsenal will have to score 11 goals a match, one from each player, to satisfy us, it seems.
9. during the last 2 years, we complained that wenger's team was too young, that we needed experienced players to lead the talented youth that we have. now that that batch of young players have been playing together for 2-3 years, we clamour for wenger to field wilshere, 17. so what is it exactly that we want?
10. the truth is of course its optimal to have a few experienced players to show the way to the younger ones. but with a team of youths, we've managed to take at least 4th every season and even reached the champions league semis. and now, 3 years down the road, our teenagers are teenagers no more, and are young adults now - adults! experienced! at no cost. but of course the fans want to win everything every season.
11. truth also, that it'd be nice if we had essien or alonso in our midfield. but instead of buying a player to solve the problem we seem to have faced the last few seasons, wenger seems to have solved it organically. at no cost. an aggregate 12-2 win in the first 3 games doesn't look like it needs drastic improvement - the situation isn't dire, surely?
12. we bought ars last season and vermaelen this season. i think this shows that wenger does buy players to solve problems he really can't solve organically. its just that only when he's proven to himself that it can't be solved with existing players first, then he goes out to buy a solution. which to me is a very reasonable principle to work by. i also rate myself as a poorer judgement of player ability than wenger, with my limited experience in football and his 10+ years of success at arsenal, among other achievements - so i think he knows better than me when to give up on senderos, or more pertinently to me, almunia and fabianski.
13. its also interesting that he prefers to wait for a promising player to develop rather than buy a player to fill the position, so long as he can attain the minimum 4th spot. very pareto optimality. the star signing will prevent the young player from playing as many games and gaining experience. the young player will improve and he will still get his good player in that position, at no cost except time. in fact, the youth will likely gain in market value as his performances improve, while the star's value will likely drop as he ages.
14. so there, besides the low quality of our goal keepers, i think we are quite a good team now, certainly better than the last 2 seasons, and its all been done at low cost.

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because , so maybe makes sense...but they do more than that. all quite interesting.

YouTube - Thomas Vermaelen Goal Saving Tackle Vs Celtic - STUNNING

ya, quite fast..

of civil liberties and freedom of speech

First they came for the chewing gum, and I didn’t speak up, because I didn't chew gum.
Then they came for the smokers, and I didn’t speak up, because I didn't smoke.
Then they came for the people who ate on trains, and I didn’t speak up, because I didn't eat on trains.
Then they came for me, and by that time there was no one left to speak up for me.

what does 'singaporean' mean?

when was this said?

and how come the response was this?

and this?

i thought the viswa guy said alot of the right things?

in fact, just this couple of weeks, to my friends, i've been preaching about removing reserved seats on public transport and yellow boxes for smokers because we should prefer integration to segregation...haiz...

datasf and sharefile and

this is something i believe all civil service should do...

another tool to solve the problem of file transfers...

another collaboration tool that sounds cool...

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tonido and bluyah

i love the idea of , and i think they could pick up a few more features and render absolutely irrelevant; in fact, i don't know why anyone would use nivio.

imagine..combining a tonido plug with a fon2!!!

some people at places working with data could totally use

occasional webserver

haha, this is way off base..

but for now points to an abyss webserver running on my laptop..the abandonia folder is full of old games...and points to the plain old webserver directory, which as of now shows u a list of files in it..if u want any of the files you'd have to append it to the url...

doing this while testing the latest version of our exboot backup..

this is hilarious..

You see, a free people enjoy certain unalienable rights: life, liberty, and honest NXDOMAIN responses. Anything less is slavery, and if history has taught us anything, the only way to break from these shackles is to blog and Twitter about your dissatisfaction, in hopes that somebody in the government will fix it.

inching forward

somehow i cannot telnet to my nslu2 anymore. so i give up. http/ftp/fileshares seem to be working. so maybe it'll become a ftp site running from home.

now to figure out(or not) whats up with the readynas at the showroom. is it just the port forwarding not working?

a totally unrelated thought : i think wanbao should be turned into a blog. or maybe an english version of it could be created as a cms. with more features besides the blog bit. like visualisations. listings. public databases. etcetc.

i think i've covered ad, clusters and nlb in ms server 2003 thus far...but the vmware thing seems longer than i thought...just started on 'infrastructure virtualisation', having finished 'desktop virtualisation'...theres apparently still 'business continuity' and 'virtualisation management' to go..if not more...

realised i've already read first snow on fuji. its still good on re-reading. anyway i got myself an issue of shonen jump. and wondered why there isnt a good alternative manga publication with lots of fan works as well.

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who watches the watchmen?

if they're going to install cctvs everywhere to monitor us, then we shld demand that they wear gps units that let us monitor them. after all, whos working for who? who watches the watchmen?

the only thing that seems to be wrong with betonsports seems to be that the us government didn't get a cut(taxes), since betonsports is not based in the us. otherwise, there're plenty of lotteries and casinos in the us too.

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Dailymotion - Everton v Arsenal - a Sports & Extreme video

everton 1 arsenal 6


after the first goal was scored i'd already thought it was a matter of time that we'd score more..

but hey, what unlikely people turned up!

denilson had a great match. even if you don't take that 2oyd first time curler into account.

and the next 2...2 set-piece headers against everton! its historically unheard of!

i was thinking, i wouldn't know what to change if i were moyes..

and indeed, just 2 minutes into the 2nd half, fab scored his first on the counter from vp's thru pass.

and his second from ammonia's throw, receiving the ball from halfway and running down the middle for goal, shooting from 20yds out, with everton all over the place, worrying about runners and the thru ball..

what impressed me was that we gave them as good as they gave us, every player sticking it to them. gallas, sagna and clichy* had their usual games. vermaelen was agile and athletic and sure of his technique. song was steady. denilson was everywhere. fab too, covering slightly less distance but scoring twice. bendtner ran at them without resistance. but vp was quiet except for his delivery for vermaelen and assist for fab. stupidly tried a 30 yd free kick too. it was way off and lacked power.

ars was the real odd one out, surprisingly, looking very much undermatched physically. but, receiving the ball in a crowded box, he put the ball beyond the keeper..only to hit the post. eduardo was on hand, on side, for the follow up, letting ars chalk up an assist. later eduardo would attempt to lob the keeper, only for ars to fail to lift the ball sufficiently for the follow up and have it saved.

*the final piece of action would belong to clichy..doing his usual. vermaelen had let the ball run thru to ammonia..the everton striker had nowhere to shoot but straight at the keeper..and clichy futilely followed that striker, with no chance of stopping the inevitable shot being 2 steps leave his zone unmarked and for saha to score from the rebound.

in fact, moyes more or less gave up at 58 min, putting on gosling and rodwell to absorb lessons, and saha as well, for a gamble, which turned out well, as saha scored. but overall, everton had no chance.

celtic would be worried. or not.

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YouTube - Arsenal FC - Teamwork Goals

sestus, mimecast, xyratex and imation

virtual tokens???

why is archival online?

they oem for people like compellent, equalogic and data domain! cool!

tape is still hanging around...

paranoia agent

when i call up singnet or m1 or starhub and tell them i want to cancel my broadband plan, or to upgrade it or whatever, they ask me for my i.c., and maybe even my address. why?

anyone who picked up my i.c. can say they're me and tell singnet my i.c. number and address.

why can't i provide a passphrase when i sign up any account, like 'm5ryh7dale1tlel4m' for example , and be required to provide my passphrase whenever a change to my account is to be made?

and the passphrase should expire every 60 days. actually.

or maybe i should be required to register a email or physical address or phone number with them, and whenever the account has to be changed, they will email, mail, call me or sms me to provide me with a unique passphrase that i need to provide to authenticate myself as the account owner.

buying cds does not necessarily support the artists , just the horse-buggy industry

"Morrissey does not approve such releases and would ask people not to bother buying them. Morrissey receives no royalty payments from EMI for any back catalogue, and has not received a royalty from EMI since 1992."

The studios are starting to rally around a horrible new idea: Keeping new releases out of Redbox and more importantly, Netflix for 30 days. Let me repeat that: They think Netflix shouldn’t be able to ship many new movies to you until 30 days after they’re released on DVD.


Ha Ha Ha!!!

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freeswitch vs asterisk and msi wind nettop 100

freeswitch vs asterisk

msi wind nettop 100. amazing value.

Gateway and the Dhoby Ghaut Exchange

the dhoby ghaut exchange is still functional apparently..because the gateway repair center is there...

11 Orchard Road, #B1-25
Dhoby Ghaut Exchange (inside Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station)
Singapore 233826

Business hours:

  • Monday to Saturday: 11 AM to 9 PM
  • Sunday and public holidays: Closed

vhf/hf/am radio

i actually would like to know how to do this, running vhf/hf and am radio, but thats some way off...yet another subject i would like to know but out of reach...haiz...


from the china financial markets blog..

..for the past five years net exports accounted for about 10% to 15% of Chinese GDP growth, before collapsing to minus 41% in 2009 YTD.

Until recently investment’s share of GDP growth peaked at around 65% in 2003 – a very high share by any standard – and going back the full thirty years of China’s reform period achieved an historical high astonishing of 81% in 1985. From 2005 to 2008 the investment share of GDP growth averaged around 40% – still high – and then in the first half of this year accounted for a mind-boggling 88% of this years GDP growth.

compellent, controlguard, pipejump and notehall

big storage...very very very big.....

endpoint security offering..

it actually sounds pretty simple to use...

this should be integrated into a touchscreen ebook reader and e-textbooks!!!

YouTube - [PV] 椎名林檎 - 旬

YouTube - 椎名林檎(Shiina Ringo)  余興(Yokyou)

YouTube - 椎名林檎 (Shiina Ringo) - 尖った手口 (Togatta Teguchi)

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mirapoint and kofax

does mentioning 'tco' make something sound expensive to buy?

they're apparently xerox also in the same business? i don't really know what xerox does other than making photocopiers..

just before the season starts

up front i think we're ok, instead of 1 30-goal striker, we have 5-6 forwards who can get 10-20 each..VP, arshavin and eduardo more than bendtner, walcott, vela...

but we can maybe only play one dedicated attacker because the midfield lacks a physically imposing character..and will have to be compensated with numbers...arshavin and walcott could well end up in midfield...with rosicky, nasri, fab, denilson, diaby and descending order of how offensive they are... even with the numbers, i still suspect they don't have enought workrate to close down the space effectively..

the defense is the same as before, just that we've essentially swapped the right footed toure for the left footed vermaelen, who could be just slightly better at reading.

maybe we could push djourou up to midfield from defense to give it more bulk...

maybe we could push diaby forward to give more bulk to the offense...

i think the standard of the team is similiar to last season..except that we'd witness the full impact of arshavin and however unlikely, see the potential of bendtner(not scoring), eduardo(injured), rosicky(injured), walcott(still stuck on pace), wilshere(won't see action), vela(won't see enough action), ramsey(won't see action), denilson(looks good in stats shit on tv), song(seemed to improve last year, can do more) and diaby(big,fast,good technique but can't turn into results...

salesforce@home and clickfree transformer

interesting thing is, quite a lot of work can be distributed this way...

thats a cable to just do the clickfree functionality...hmmm...


in the last 2-3 weeks' worth of vmware vtsp videos(at my pace)..will look at mcse possibilities, which would lead to learning more about exchange mail, and therefore mail in general, and then to mail archival. and then i could talk about mailstore with more authority.

just read yoshihiro tatsumi's autobiography. done as a manga of course. its amazing.

been carrying around first snow on fuji without reading it.

vaguely want to see mongol, but am not really into going to town to watch a movie..lots of issues there..i haven't been to orchard in ages, i'd like to pay the film-makers directly but not any of the intermediaries, i'd like to keep a copy of the film for myself forever, etcetc