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YouTube - 女孩儿与四重奏/丁薇

Dataram, AV-comapratives, Adobe/McAfee document rights management, Talend, TrustAlert, LighthouseSQ7 photoframe, and outright free book keeping

yet another place to plug in the flash!!!

latest AV-comparatives..

adobe and mcafee to look into a Document Rights Management product..

first ever open source MDM

another controlled access vendor...

new tablet thing that does photos, facebook and twitter. another chumbyesque product.

free book keeping for small businesses!

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Freecom(mitsubishi) usb3 hdd, and storage management

the first usb3 hdds are here...10x as fast as the usb2 stuff...

now that you can place flash all over the place...from the board to the ssd itself, how to even decide where to place it?

why are laptops so popular nowadays?
1. you have a habit of moving from room to room with your (heavy) computing
2. u do your work out of office
3. travel plus need to do work while traveling
4. weights training???

personally i can't find a reason to get a laptop. everything i do on the computer(games, anime, movies, whatever) i do on 1 computer and its in my room. i even watch live football on it. 22in screen. briefly considered setting up a 2nd networked pc in the living room to watch tv with(or rather, to try out mythtv and boxee), but the video card didnt do tv-out once in the os, so i gave up on that. but its really my parents who don't get to enjoy the benefits, since i wont be sharing my movies with them..but they're none the wiser about it, so thats ok too...
at work theres separate computers at the workplace for that. i transfer files between the 2 places(rarely happens) with flash or a portable hdd or zumodrive. my bookmarks are synced with delicious.
i can only barely imagine wanting a small netbook if i were to go overseas quite often, and being required to be able to email from there. something with a ion chipset would be cool. but 10in/1kg or smaller/lighter. but i hardly travel, so thats actually pointless.

YouTube - Mikuni Shimokawa - Tomorrow (Live) Full Metal Panic OP

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This is HardCore!!!

YouTube - Yokyou (余興) - 椎名林檎

關淑怡 - 難得有情人

vitaminD, seagate SED, supermicro, NetScaler, and newspapers

"Cloud" means "in our data centers", so that you're paying us money. If you're still using your own servers, you're not in the "cloud", and you're not paying us money.

Obviously, it is absolutely imperative that you migrate all your services to the cloud.


vitamin D's video search could be very useful..

self encrypting hard drives...then trucrypt/freeOTFE how?

supermicro half width boards and density..

citrix NetScaler cheaper as a virtual appliance..

2 in 10 americans would not oppose a newspaper industry bail-out.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

相約一九九八 - 王菲、那英

Maxiscale clustered storage, SGI personal supercomputer, LeapFile collaboration, Mellanox 40GBE

New startup product....Walks and quacks like a Caringo CAstor Cluster!

Sounds super cool to scale from 1 to 80 cores within the same chassis...

collaborated right from your desktop. smells to me a wee bit like zumodrive, but replaces your desktop folder instead of acting like a drive...


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

netgear stora, asus servers with iKVM, proximex c100, LTO 5

does it overlap with the ReadyNAS duo?

new servers that're supposed to be cool and quiet. and optionally can have iKVM working at mainboard level..

all in one command and control center for network security, apparently.

the last profitable LTO vendor releases LTO 5...

Why WiMax cannot make it.

First of all, WiMax has a range of 10 miles. That\'s not so bad but in rural installations, it\'s just barely enough.

Secondly in many places, WiMax has a max emitted power of 43dbm. In others it has up to 58dbm. Either way, it\'s not that much power. Further, the wattage is about 15 watts for the CPE equipment and about 200 watts for the base station - but the base station cannot emit 200 watts to a single transmitter by law, so that\'s just a red herring unless you plan to build out a base station with multiple antennas (good idea for the first build). Many (Redline, Alvarion, Aperto) use 2.3 watts.

Third, line of sight is a major requirement for WiMax. 802.16d or 802.16e. It is possible to get some non line of sight connections at close range (2 miles) if the conditions are right, but in the end it\'s a high speed wave (2.3Ghz for the Clearwire + Inukshuk early adopters, 3.4-3.7Ghz for the later adopters like my company). High speed waves have a much higher chance of hitting a particle and stopping than lower speed waves. 400Mhz used for voice and cell data has a much better NLoS capability and 900Mhz radios we use for rural broadband are also quite good, especially at low power levels they are allowed. WiMax does, however, have pretty good NEAR line of sight capabilities, we\'re finding.

Fourth, WiMax standards aren\'t. Rarely will one device interoperate with another vendor\'s equipment. So those WiMax chips in your Intel laptop? Junk.

Fifth, performance of WiMax isn\'t as good as 5.8Ghz access points. That\'s right. WiMax uses a 5, 7 or 10Mhz channel and while 10Mhz has slightly better throughput, you\'re not going to see much of that because of antenna spacing and distance characteristics. It\'s \"54Mbps\" rating per base antenna ($5,000 U.S. per + antenna) works out to 23Mbps aggregate at a 50% RX/TX spacing, which means 10.5Mbps in either direction.... although some companies are talking about a 75TX/25RX percentage split in upcoming firmware. In any case, it\'s not a panacea, and yes that bandwidth is shared between up to 200 people per base station.

Sixth, WiMax gear is really expensive. Everything about it is expensive, from base stations to subscriber modules, to tower placement, to purchasing licenses for transmitting.

Seventh, because it\'s licensed and it is a high-speed wave, it\'s mostly useless except to rural customers. Not to mention that nobody wants 15 watts of emitted power on their crotch.

Eigth, you will need to register your transmitter with Industry Canada or the FCC in the States. Maybe both. Not only is this fairly complex to do unless you\'re a service provider, you may find yourself having to bid on spectrum or with the 3.65Ghz band, you may be told that another transmitter is too near to you and you\'ll have to coordinate with that operator.

So. That\'s WiMax. It\'s not much good to most people, it has limited abilities to provide rural service (only better than 2.4Ghz WiFi because it\'s got more output power and has a licensed clean channel), it\'s really expensive, it\'s not fast enough and it\'s got complex licensing.

Why are we using it? We are desperately in need of another frequency, since we have filled many of our 900Mhz radios and the 5.8Ghz radios are not good for rural use at all (no near or non line of sight ability). 2.4Ghz is a dirty frequency with a lot of operators and power-company \"smart meters\" in it (that\'s a stupidity of a whole other level that needs a whole other discussion). So, it\'s WiMax.

BTW, those thinking city-wide WiFi is cool should do a little study on why it\'s not workable. I\'ll give an anecdote: KOS has a 2.4Ghz node over Napanee, Ontario which services about 20 customers (and others, but this is a good one). The tower is about a 1/4 mile from any structure and is 130\' in height. Yet in the radios list, it shows about 50 other access points. Yes, about 50. These are not our subscribers, they are just radios transmitting on 2.4Ghz WiFi in the area. Even better, we know that two competitors are running 2.4Ghz Motorola Canopy units which won\'t show up in our list. UGLY.

Josiah Stamp, 1st Baron Stamp - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"The government are very keen on amassing statistics. They collect them, add them, raise them to the nth power, take the cube root and prepare wonderful diagrams. But you must never forget that every one of these figures comes in the first instance from the chowty dar (village watchman), who just puts down what he damn pleases.",_1st_Baron_Stamp

zimbra sale! HP services! seagate sata6gbps! ARM 2ghz! software raid!

yahoo bought zimbra for 350m. how much is it worth now?

HP to offer a bundle of services to go with your server purchase so that you don't have to do so much system integration yourself...

2tb 7200rpm sata 6gbps. but how fast is the disk itself?

ARM A9 2ghz. is electricity so expensive that we're looking at the energy consumption/mhz of chips seriously now?

the AMD istanbul is going to have 6 cores...what if instead of using a dedicated RAID card, one of the cores were dedicated to running raid?

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nio, toybots, dockstar and greed

alarms based on the proximity between your phone and your laptop. don't lose both at the same time.

toys that can talk over the net.

a solution of sorts. why not just get a pogoplug?

i'm actually not bothered. since i've stopped buying their stuff since years ago.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

about time fifa/uefa/english fa acted?

The former Aston Villa and Chelsea striker Tony Cascarino believes UEFA should have upheld their two match ban for Arsenal striker Eduardo because he clearly dived against Celtic in the Champions League.

He obviously doesn't read, since uefa accepted that there may be contact between artuc boruc and eduardo. The dive may be obvious to him, but not to the referee(as well as uefa, after reviewing the videos), who even after watching the replay thought that it was a penalty ; maybe he wants a change of career and do some refreeing. Was he like that as a player previously - nevermind what the ref thinks, its obvious to him thus it is so?

Then what about this incident? does he have a comment?

The former Met Police commander John O’Connor believes Manchester City star Emmanuel Adebayor could have been arrested for his stamp on Arsenal striker Robin van Persie, and as a result he is hoping the FA throw the book at the towering Togolese forward.

O'Connor told the Sun: “I am sure the police will want Adebayor to be made an example of.”

“From a police perspective, Adebayor could have been arrested and then charged with actual body harm for the incident with Van Persie.”

respect, manuel mejuto gonzalez

Under their own rules, Uefa had to prove that it was Eduardo's intention to con the Spanish referee Manuel Mejuto Gonzalez, a charge that, it is understood, they never got close to proving. Uefa also failed to send any video evidence in support of their claim.

Arsenal believed from the very start that Uefa's charge of Eduardo was politically motivated and dreamt up on the hoof so the organisation could appear to be taking a hard-line stance when confronted with an issue that had attracted intense interest in the media. The humiliating climbdown from Uefa would suggest that Arsenal were correct.

Also extremely damaging to the Uefa case was Arsenal successfully proving that there was contact between Eduardo and Celtic goalkeeper Artur Boruc before the player went to ground in the incident. Arsenal's submission to Uefa pointed out that they had made "fundamental errors" in their evidence and had not engaged in the necessary "forensic analysis" of the incident.

This argument was helped by the fact that referee Manuel Mejuto Gonzalez of Spain insisted he had not been tricked by the striker and stood by his decision, even after watching the television replays.

e eee keyboard , opensolaris vs linux, pliant ssds, haiku, data liberation front, and clicker

i hope its cheap! its awfully cute!!! its finally here!

opensolaris(what about nexenta?) vs linux

is it too good to be true? and what about fragmentation?

haiku's first ever release!!!!! but what about chrome os?

the Data Liberation Front. fighting for your data's freedom(to migrate). haha.

imagine a website thats a program guide to ALL online videos. that could be cool. they should extend their programming coverage to the peer-to-peer video networks(like sopcast)..then they'd be super cool..

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YouTube - Kiddy grade mirai no kioku

kiddy grade's opening theme.

virtualisation and the economy?


About 27 per cent of those polled said they use VMware hypervisors on non-critical systems and the remaining 73 per cent say they use them on a mix of critical and non-critical iron. And while 55 per cent of the companies said they will be increasing their use of VMware products, 52 per cent said they were open to using virtualization products for their servers from other vendors, and 5 per cent said straight up they were cutting back on their VMware budgets.


“The consumer is still dead money, the consumer is not coming back,” Roach said. “I’d put the relapse odds one in four, maybe as high as one in three,” he said, referring to the danger of a renewed global slowdown stemming from a shock to the U.S. economy.

U.S. household incomes decreased in 2008 and the poverty rate rose to the highest since 1997, boosting concern that consumer spending will play a limited role in leading any recovery from the worst recession since the 1930s. Plunging home values and stock prices have fueled a record $13.9 trillion loss in household wealth in the U.S. since the middle of 2007.

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YouTube - Kiddy Grade Future HQ(1080p)

Future by Little Viking. kiddy grade's ending theme.

Friday, September 11, 2009

baydin and tornado

this could be amazingly deadly! haha!

open source web server that powers friendfeed..

ha ha..


a friend replied . . .

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YouTube - I'm too sad to tell you (1971) - Bas Jan Ader

sis nettop, adaptec ssd raid cache, opendpi

there was a lenovo q100 announced just in august and that was supposed to be intel graphics. but this sis thingy is interesting if it came out.

about time..everyone else is doing ssds....but people used to use flash to cache a full stripe before writing even once upon a time, no?

open source deep packet inspection!

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YouTube - 柴田淳-幻[PV]

ovirt, convirt and enomaly

works only with kvm for now. they say xen next.

works for both xen and kvm already..looks friendliest...

i think this works for both xen and kvm too..

either stupid or lying

'Everyone who watches me play knows I am an honest player,' Rooney said.

'I have never intentionally tried to dive. In fact, there have been times when I have tried to stay on my feet and get the shot off rather than go down.

'It isn't fair for players to dive and try to cheat the other team. And it is not just cheating your opponents, you are cheating the fans as well.'

England won 2-1 ; game hinged upon penalty decision.

Rooney appeared to have a firm hold of Bostjan Cesar\'s shirt, pulling the defender to ground. To add injury to insult, the striker\'s right boot connected with the defender\'s foot, resulting in a nasty ankle blow that resulted in the former West Brom man being substituted.

The Manchester United striker appealed for it, and it would have made an interesting case study to see how UEFA had reacted to the incident had the game been under their control, rather than FIFA\'s. The governing body\'s rule, invoked in the Eduardo case, states that a player can be punished for having \"the obvious intent to cause any match official to make an incorrect decision or supporting his error of judgement\".

By appealing, and then allowing the penalty to be awarded when surely knowing it was never a foul, Rooney arguably did both. Such is the can of worms that UEFA has now opened.

just like gutenberg

A college wants to deliver accredited courses over the internet. for a mere us$99/mth.
and teaching staff and existing students are not happy.
that other people can get similiar education for a lower cost and more conveniently, to boot.

people who call themselves experts say the internet is to be blamed for increasing incidence of teen sex, in an article in my sunday paper.
its like blaming better nutrition and healthcare for growing old-age related illnesses problems.
lets go back to stone tablets so that ideas cannot be exchanged easily and save the kids!
i wonder why people who don't want to spend time with kids want to have them. rearing aquarium fish is easier isnt it?

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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

justice and the authority to administer it

i'm lifting all of this from (emphasis in bold my own)

The disciplinary case by UEFA against Eduardo da Silva has been so shambolic that Arsenal fear the rules are being made up on the hoof by the governing body, who will today decide the fate of the player for his dive against Celtic in the Champions League last Wednesday.

The full picture of UEFA's ad hoc case emerged yesterday when it was learned that all European football's governing body offered up in evidence against Eduardo was one paragraph in a two and half-page fax in which they accuse him of an "obvious dive." They did not send any accompanying video evidence to Arsenal.

In response, Arsenal's lawyers have hit UEFA with a 19-page submission and supporting videos of the incident between Eduardo and Artur Boruc which will be considered by the UEFA control and disciplinary body, who will decide whether he faces a two-match Champions League ban.

The club were shocked at the amateurism of the fax they received from UEFA, which was sent to the wrong part of the club, on Friday. There was no extra evidence from Spanish referee Manuel Mejuto Gonzalez, who has since stood by his decision to award the penalty.

Dreamt up

The evidence against Eduardo was so brief and lacking in detail that the club are convinced that the charge was only dreamt up on Friday after UEFA president Michel Platini was quizzed on the incident by journalists at the Champions League draw in Monaco.

Arsenal have accused UEFA of charging Eduardo based on video evidence despite not engaging in what the club's lawyers said was "forensic analysis" of the incident to support their case.

The Gunners' submission will also say that UEFA made "fundamental errors" that were "completely wrong in regard to the position of the ball (during the incident)." They also have accused them of failing to speak to individuals to gather evidence.

UEFA did not demonstrate with direct evidence that Eduardo intended to deceive the referee.

In their submission Arsenal said the video evidence shows "there is a deviation in the right ankle of his (Eduardo's) right foot (as he falls). This supports his contention there was contact from the goalkeeper and the committee is encouraged to review this footage."

The Arsenal submission to UEFA in Eduardo's defence also points out that the player was entitled to take evasive action -- especially given his horrific leg break and ankle dislocation against Birmingham City in February 2008.

"Professional footballers are taught to raise their feet to avoid injury," Arsenal said to Uefa. "Even if a player acts successfully to avoid contact this is not cheating." (© Independent News Service)


vmware go beta is launched. SMEs too cheapskate to pay for vmware management tools can use this service to manage their vms online. its free for now...

it bothered me for awhile because i thought since one of the biggest issues with running vms is managing the storage, its a no-brainer for emc to co-sell vmware stuff with their storage stuff. now its happened.

ms hyper-V 2008 R2 is out..some features i think u'd have to pay for them if u were using vmware. before vmware go happened. but i don't know what features vmware go has. will find out...

dose of reality. but actually i think the numbers show that virtualisation is really quite important now.,0&source=rss_open_source

meanwhile...the infoworld opensource software awards...jitterbit, turnkey linux, dimdim, piwik, cacti, opennms(and zenoss, hyperic hq, ganglia), kamailio and the puppet.. look interesting.

which begs the question why not more people look at jaspersoft, pentaho, compiere, openbravo or sugarcrm..and many many more...