Thursday, November 19, 2009

Theirry Henry the cheat

Monday, November 16, 2009

caffeinated alcoholic drinks, storageX and taking pics with photo paper

apparently caffeine and alcohol are not safe to mix..we'll one day smoke weed and pop ecstasy, both medically safe to consume, outside the bar...and wonder how to score some vodka-redbull...

brocade kills storageX

i've been wondering about this lately. when u print negs, the paper is neg right? and when u print slides, the paper is positive? and whats stopping us all from taking pictures with positive paper? do the labs develop paper? or do we have to do it ourselves? if its b&w i think its still not too, vinegar and baking soda can actually do it..


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Wuthering Heights (live)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

ecstasy and weed are harmless next to alcohol and cigarettes

This is what its all about. Ecstasy and weed are harmless next to alcohol and cigarettes. they actually left out something else. lsd is harmless too.

xen gets ha

netlist spoils cisco's virtual memory lobang...

one haloed name got bought out by another, even more haloed one. but now what? cisco and hp want to make lan cable and 2032 batteries too next time?

Friday, November 06, 2009

marvels of engineering


i've figured out the rollei 35 finally. must shoot before winding - thats normal. but must wind before you can keep the barrel too. so after winding you can either keep the barrel or shoot. but you cannot shoot and then keep the barrel, because keeping the barrel requires the film to be wound. hur hur.

but still midway thru a roll on the xa now. will try the rollei afterwards.

i've always thought that oly did a brilliant job with the xa, open the clamshell, camera is on, viewfinder is revealed, camera can use. and the lens that extends into the camera body, too, is clever.

thats in contrast to rollei, who put the film advance lever on the wrong side, and the hot shoe worse. plus you still needed to cap the lens, but because of the grip for the barrel lock and the focus ring, the lens cap is of a weird shape, not the normal round rubbery thing.

but yea, i got a fresh appreciation of them. all mechanical and they built in so many silly locks(mostly to do with the lens barrel) into the thing i think its amazing..

saasu, openwrt, orb, moblin, unreal and hitachi

online accounting. it has a singapore localised version. and there is a limited transactions free edition.

winners to openWRT ui contest...

why does anyone use back to my mac? there is official orb for mac now.

moblin 2.1

epic sort of follows unity in releasing a free unreal dev kit..just that epic's is more of a big skinning engine i think...

hitachi wants to do dedupe on the hdd itself! xiotech shld do that first..

Thursday, November 05, 2009

ScaleMP, skifta and prevx

ScaleMP's reply to 3leaf..

i've been going on and on about the idea of being able to access my media anytime anywhere..this is another scheme...

somehow i find this slightly dubious. all we need is : 1. updated antivirus 2. process/registry watching tool like whats already in the av suites,or something like tea-timer 3. ssl and reading the cert before accepting 4. rsa tokens at every transaction. but anyway, this is yet another scheme to try to make online transactions safe...

one could also as an additional step, use Haiku or BeOS or something along those lines...hur hur....

state of football

i may yet eat my words. but..

1. pool were so desperate to survive in the champions league they fielded a visibly limping fernando torres against lyon. even before this, they'd already called off plans to build their new stadium because they couldn't afford it. yet benitez has spent millions in the past seasons on new players. of the players in the team now, only gerrard and carragher weren't benitez's purchases. carragher is not young anymore, how are they going to replace him? and gerrard afterwards? and benitez's one buy that kept his job and liverpool going, torres..will he be sold to fund replacements for the other 10 players on the pitch? and we all know his youth team cannot make it.

2. chelsea is still the team to beat. win like clockwork. but besides the 2 coles, zhirkov and kalou, everyone in the team is at least 30. and like pool, no youth team. with only a 2 year ban on new player signings, they may still scrape thru. but i don't belive they are sustainable as a club without non-football related funding, i.e. rich owner.

3. man u looks lost this season compared to the last, when tevez, c.ronaldo and rooney over ran opponents. i'd say theoretically they look like a great 4-4-2 team on paper, with hargreaves and carrick in the middle, but i havent seen them both play together yet, and its been how many years since they were signed already? anyway, they do have a much better youth pipeline than pool and chelsea, and could be sustainable.

4. man city looked great early on. with their kind of unlimited money, its only a matter of time they signed a team capable of winning everything. but really, this, together with real madrid, is the most obvious case of unsustainable football. without the rich owners, city wont even be able to buy 1/2 the players they bought for this season. whats actually more interesting is that i think they have some promising youngsters, like ireland, onuoha and micah richards..but where are all these youngsters going to play when city bulks up their squad with even more stars?

5. spurs will be spurs, even if they do have the best manager in decades. hur hur.

6. villa and everton are still lacking resources. i hope moyes and o'neill stay long enough to make something of the clubs, like what wenger did for arsenal.

7. and finally, we've had 12 consecutive years of champions league football to fund our team and stadium building..and the stadium building will ensure future income and success...the youth team looks great...and all good...

connectify and microsoft virtual wifi

recently there was much news about , which allowed a normal windows computer to pretend to be a wireless access point. the diference between the ability to form ad-hoc networks and the ability to behave like infrastructure was deemed very interesting. but yea, it runs only on win 7 and server 2008.

maybe next time all the wifi drivers will have this built in.

but anyway, even before that was invented, microsoft research did , which talked about mesh networks as well...which to me sounds even cooler...

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

next spring

its been a while since i commented on econs.

from what looked like the end, governments around the world have pumped enough air to reflate all the bubbles again. everything looks rosy now. asset prices are super. production seems to be rising. us unemployment seems to have peaked.

the issue that made me want to write it out and think about was that both the bdi and gold are rising.

bdi rising says the real economy is picking up. gold rising says uncertaintly is going up. what an outlook! its a setup for a fall!

then i saw this :

anyway, i sort of agree that the usd cannot depreciate forever and government support will end.

most american govt support is still for asset prices, not for the real economy. when usd depreciation stops and/or govt support for asset prices ends, asset prices will perhaps fall drastically again, like what just happened not long ago.

what has changed since then?

american consumers have started buying less and saving more.

in fact, that was why i thought the improving production, employment and bdi were funny. how does that happen in the face of dropping income? its all govt infrastructure expenditure(i wonder if i can include govt subsidised private sector spending/lending)?

so when it comes next, it'll be even better than the last time? since this time, income/consumption are weaker than the last time?

anyway, its still curious to me why havent any of the governments, instead of spending tax/fiat-money on inflating asset prices, put that money into their citizens' pockets so that everyone can go and buy ordinary stuff with that money.

vpns that cost nothing...

costs nothing, has social/sharing features...the readynas remote is essentially this embedded. but not free.

looks like the same thing!!!

free, is vpn but u cant use it as a normal lan, its for 'friends' only...

has vpn but again u cant use it like its lan. its really a remote desktop app...not free.

something that sounded interesting but whats on the page is too much for me...hur hur...

its free. and it sounds super.

of course there is also openvpn, which is free, and logmein's hamachi, which is not, among others...

Arkeia, 3leaf and soluto

Arkeia bought kadena(apparently used by sandisk!) for source-side dedupe..

3leaf and scalemp are able to make whole clusters look like a single machine...

this soluto thing could be interesting, i dunno...not the magic bullet i'm sure. but if u manage 100 desktops/laptops, you may want to have something like what they say they do to help reduce the more frivolous issues...

Tuesday, November 03, 2009