Thursday, December 31, 2009

pop concerts worth the money to go see..

last match of 2009

last match of 2009

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A few more pics of Jemaluang

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

YouTube - loving you minnie riperton

quite nice. happy new year.

Monday, December 28, 2009

YouTube - Chihiro Onitsuka Infection LIVE

again. the best.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

telecommunication rumination

my phone contract ends on the 28th of feb. i think i'll wait til the singtel voucher appears before i do the n86 thing. the voucher should turn up in feb if they do as they usually do.


in the month or 2 in between i could collect the gsn and start playing with the speed graphic...

optical ruminations

want to recontract with singtel and get the phone with the biggest telco subsidy that wont cost me more than $100 upfront. i could sell the recontract phone and apply the proceeds towards paying for the phone that i really want. the nokia n86. its all about the 8mp camera with a carl zeiss tessar(28mm equivalent) and have you seen a phone camera with f2.4?!and theres a sliding lens cover. ...i see a n86 on ebay now, someone selling his spare phone, for $400. i wonder if i should shoulder the $400 now and wait til singtel mails me the $50 voucher. or should i recontract now and get it over and done with. but its just that when the voucher comes i'd feel stupid.

besides that, i shall be going jemaluang on the 1st to 3rd of jan. i think i'll be mainly using the cheap(sg$50??) but amusing(the zoom range) 24-40mm sun optic... and also bring the just-arrived 300 5.6 kilfitt tele-kilar to try... but the thing is the other 2 lenses i can use now are far smaller and lighter...the 50 1.7 yashinon ds and the 105 4.5 feinmess bonotar...i wonder if i should just bring and see what happens....

and getting the n86 would probably mean that i avoid camera hospital and not collect the electro 35gsn that i left there for awhile first...can that wait another month? i think the bill for restoring the shutter, cla and adapting the battery compartment is $180... but avoiding him would also mean that i stave off trying out the speed graphic...want his help/advice on it about attaching the suydam 120 back...


i'd probably buy the n86 off ebay now since i think $400 is a good price for it (last transacted and lowest ever was $500 back in 19 dec).

and eat grass until singtel mails me a recontract voucher. and hope that singtel's phone subsides hold or get even better.

and hold off the camera hospital until a yr-end bonus materialises or the singtel voucher turns up and i manage to sell the recontract phone...


i do wish that 1. singtel mails me a re-contract voucher rather soon and 2. a yr-end bonus comes soon too...

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Limited computing in brief..

It started out on TechCrunch as the CrunchPad. Now its been launched(sort of) as the JooJoo. The original idea was a 12in web browser for us$200. Now its us$499. And there seem to be many potential lawsuits, not just from TechCrunch, but perhaps from Pegatron as well.

The thing is, if i wanted a web-browser, why wouldn't a small laptop or nettop do? The crux of the issue is that none of them are as cheap as us$200 (at us$499 i'd rather get a nettop, really). So this CherryPal thing may actually scratch a good itch - you could make it run some sort of cute linux (will moblin run on it? someone enlighten me!) and it'll do more than just surf the net.

Ok, i mean, if we were to really do a browser-pad-thing then it should look cool, be nice to use, and have more than 12 hrs of battery life while in use. But nothing does it yet. A us$99 linux nettop sounds less painful than the alternatives, thats all.

Will Dell be buying Exanet? Sounds like a great bargain.

they have good tech...

Indeed it led the SPEC Sfs2008NFS benchmark rankings for a while until Symantec's FileStore blew it off the top rank with Symantec-Huawei hardware earlier this year.

and they're in deep shit...

CEO Mark Weiner told the 80 or so employees that Exanet would cease operations on December 7. After that, some fifty of the 62 employees in Israel banded together, apparently with the company's agreement, and applied to the Tel Aviv district court to have a temporary liquidator or receiver appointed.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

retro and modern..

about the tech demo that is Avatar....of isilon, netapp, aspera and 3D Blue-Ray!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009