Sunday, January 31, 2010

the ipad and ebook readers, 1280p player, mobilearmor, beyondencryption, clientshow and xiotech matrix

Apple fakes flash on their ipad demo..then admits theres no flash after all...

the ipad is not going to replace the phone, its not the best place to watch movies, its probably too expensive to browse the net or read books with and you can't really play games on it...but i do think its been priced low enough to make people think twice about a half priced ebook reader or a similiarly priced atom-book..

if someone were able to make something ebook priced that could also do reading, web browsing and watch tv, that'd be very nice indeed..

and for sg$145, this is actually quite close to that..the hardest part(as it seems to me), the hd video capability, is already done..

with so many mobile internet devices about, security would be an issue going forward..

also, probably many of these MIDs would have dedicated chips to hardware accelerate certain kinds of processes only(e.g. decoding h264 video or playing flash) they'd be using lots of cloud services...

with that reliance on server side processing, server hardware could become more interesting...

why not fagottini?

Yesterday, the news was that Fennec 1.0 was out. Its for maemo only. But mozilla is currently alpha testing a version of Fennec for Windows Mobile, and it has prototyped Firefox browsers for Google's Android platform. .

And so i've reformulated my plans..

Thus far, my handphone ideas were clustered around the camera, with less pressing requirements that it will play more types of media and be non-sliding and non-flip and non-touchscreen.

However, i've been thinking. That i could use the 3g 'data' plan currently used for my internet access at home on a phone as well. SMSes are unlimited. Incoming calls are free. Outgoing calls(not just sg, 12 other countries too) at 8c per min. If i did that then it means a touchscreen is a very big plus factor.

Which meant that the very cheap LG km900 could be a better choice than the Nokia N86 i wanted at first, for its 8mp camera with zeiss 2.4 28mm lens and sliding lens cover. The km900 is not bad in the camera department either - 5mp camera with schneider lens. Not wide, nor does it have a lens cover. But it has dolby audio, and better screen, and its a touchscreen phone more suitable for web browsing.

But the OS is a bespoke LG firmware which did not do flash(among other things that it lacked), and being bespoke, i don't have high hopes of flashing it to something better next time..

And then the fennec release did it for me. What i want would be a phone that could be reinstalled just like a pc could. To me, that would mean winmo or android. And android, being foss and having that android market, would be preferable.

Already android had a webkit browser, which meant it was quite close to desktop browsers already. But still no flash. And since the flashblog said this of the ipad, that millions of websites use flash, get used to the blue legos , i'd rather have something that worked or will soon work with flash. Not really just flash, but if i were to use the phone to browse the internet, then i want it to do what chrome and firefox do for me at home and at work, or as close to that as possible.

And i also found that opera mobile 9.7 will have flash lite..and BSquare developed a plug-in that will play flash lite as well, but has yet to be OEMed..hopefully it can be added to future versions of android(already the htc hero and the nexus one have it i suspect, since there have been demo videos of these 2 phones running flash floating around)...but the point is, i think all these efforts(plus the initial fennec demo version on maemo had full flash support, only that it ran so slowly that mozilla killed it) will help android reach normal browsing soon...

and without me needing to buy a samsung with their bespoke os(i think the jet and 1 other phone has that samsung in-house os; but they're totally closed systems), or paying htc hero/nexus one money for it...

Anyway, i found, among singtel's offerings, something really delectable.

Announced only in late 2009, the samsung galaxy spica has a 800mhz arm11 proc(um, just in case, that means its quite fast, ~5% slower than the 600mhz cortex a8 in the n900 and the iphone 3gs?), and runs android (cupcake). It has lots of things that i want...3.5mm headphone jack, wifi, 3g, a-gps, plays divx and xvid at least up to 720x480 and 11.5h of talk time(650h standby!)! And a nice amoled touchscreen too. Though i'd have to give up the imaging requirements i had at the start of my handphone search..all it has is a 3.15mp cam with no outstanding features, not even flash.

But all the other features make up for the lack of the nice camera i was looking for (in the wrong place, on a phone! i would do well to use the zeiss ultron more!)..and it cost just $138 with my current $25 plan!!! I believe singtel gives $30 off if one orders online between 9pm and 6am, and perhaps if i wait a little bit, being in the last month of my contract with them, they'd mail me a $50 voucher or something to motivate me to recontract with them...

OMG isn't it? $100 for that much processing? How much more does a not much faster n900 or iphone 3gs cost?!? Did singtel 'misprice' this just like they did with the nokia e51 2-3 years back? back then they sold the e51 nearly for free with the plan i am using now, and it had all the features one could want in a phone at the time, except, once again, a nice camera. But it was essentially the same phone as its apparently higher end brand-mates like the n85, but in a slimmer, smaller soap bar chassis.

Anyway, i'll be waiting a week or 2 more, to see if my hoped-for singtel voucher will materialize. Or else i'd just go ahead and the the galaxy spica anyway. And then figure out how to put eclair on it without bricking it..and then on to froyo and whatever comes next time..

Saturday, January 30, 2010

snapdragon/tegra2/imx/omap vs a4

The Ipad's ten-hour battery life is about par for an ARM device, particularly one weighing 680g. We cannot yet gauge the performance of the Apple SoC but it has some strong competition in Qualcomm's Snapdragon, Nvidia's Tegra2, Freescale's iMX series, and TI's OMAP family - all ARM based. Apple could have an edge in that it has tailored its SoC to a particular device rather than to a generic one; we will not know until we have products to compare.

The IPad is a brilliant design, as you would expect from Apple, but also typically shows symptoms of form overriding function. There is no on-board USB port, only a proprietary connector for a docking station; it comes with a USB adapter, but you will have to remember to carry that around with you. And there is no wired network port, so you are stuck with capricious 3G if you hit a hotel with no WiFi - assuming you have paid $130 extra for the model with 3G.

i am waiting. for them to make something that is able to play all sorts of video and a few games, that i need to charge only once a day, is 12in or smaller, weighs 1kg or lighter, can connect to tv and monitor,has lan, wifi and optional 3g, and has at least 2 amply powered usb ports. and cost sg$500.

and i believe the arm+linux people can deliver this sooner than anybody else. is a sample of what is already doable.

and btw,besides the 4 biggies..theres also rockchip..

and then theres the xcore86 stuff..

and the loongson stuff..

my armies of hdds and spare retro compute resources

i think i'm on the verge of getting my storage into shape..

2 x 1tb external hdd, plus 2 more external casings and 3 hdds..250-500gb each.

going to connect them to e nslu2..

but the only reason why a nas is for the shareability..and ftp/http server?

or else a usb hub would do as well...haiz....

that means i'll have to figure out why the ftp wasnt working the last time i ran the nslu2...its not even crucial to me that its not unslung..running in memory is ok with me...haiz...

the whole point of the exercise is so that i don't need to run something big, not even a old p3, to have internet access to those drives...

and then i'd be left with a 1tb and a 500gb sata and a 320 firewire attached to the main pc itself..i want to move out the media from these to the ftp/nas as well...

then i'd want to run a p4 with a respectable video card and a tv tuner card beside the living room tv and have it play the media from the nas..hahhaha...

thats about it lah...

then i'll take my time to think about fixing up the athlon and what to do with the p3 and the 386(ha!)..i want to do something with the 32 and 128mb cf cards i got too..nas again? but not really low power leh..a ide-cf converter is maybe $15?.. i'd keep the p3 laptop around for emergencies.....

and i want to fix my psp too(no sound on 1 side)...or else the extra 4gb card i got wld be absolutely wasted...i also dunno wat to do with it...

haiz...all the extra computing i got...retro as they are...i think...are perfectly usable...we've approached people like sadeaf, among others...and its harder to find people who want these computers than for me to re-purpose/refurbish/retrofit them...i think one of the community services groups still has an open offer from us to get free computers...but i'm not imagining they'll take me up on it....

Friday, January 29, 2010

ah hahahahahahahaaa

1. pot of water to make enough soup for 90 bowls of noodles

2. 90 packets of instant noodle

3. add 90 packs of seasoning powder to water

4. 1 pig head

5. half bottle of fish sauce

6. add instant noodle

7. finish off noodle with sesame oil, chinese cooking wine and pepper.

8. top with 3/4 boil egg, 2 slices of char siew and you2 cai4.

9. $10?

10. add $3 for 4 more slices of char siew

11. char siew is 3 layer pork. boil in above mentioned soup to cook. take out and let dry. season with dark soy sauce and 5 fragrance powder. bake with ufo oven thing.

would this be level 1 or level 5 behaviour?

all thats left is to settle the phone and phone contract next month.

and get a couple of polos from giordano or such like.

things to eat :

1. steamboat near kallang with live crab = $13.50

2. en japanese dining bar...want to eat there again....its been awhile...$50?

3. dun mind il lido cafeteria at the suntec basement also...had proper carbonara there at a mere $10+ before...can try other stuff....some ravioli if they got that, perhaps...

4. ippudo ramen at mandarin gallery? wanna try...haven't tried before... or else i'd want to go back to santouka again... or give miharu another try...any 1 or the other would be nice...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

the vicissitudes of life

bill at camera hospital = $180

half of a canon 8800 = $150

1tb hdd = $135

toaster oven = $20

4 x abalone = $116

2 x g2000 polo = $49

some other polos = $30?

new phone ex-contract = $60-100

OS-diversity, violent video games and old media

It's not without its drawbacks, but overall it's a win. Tech-types will continue to play with/create distros and forks of distros, while those with more mainstream tastes will stick to the big-name distros like Fedora and Ubuntu that happen to have bigger backing, and therefore tend to be better at distilling all this diversity down to a positive, consistent and familiar user experience.

“We bought him FIFA 2009 because we didn't want him playing violent games."

Only 35 users have signed up to access Newsday's web site since they put up their $5 a week paywallthree months ago.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

cloudkick and mimecast. and kimochi live!

freemium service to manage multiple cloud servers...

unified email management?


Monday, January 25, 2010

nmap, china eeekb, oppo bp-80, and lightbulb usb flash

new version of nmap with gui by default.

its not that cheap..but this is a cool alternative to the eeekeyboard!

oppo's new bp-80, a low end version of the bp-83, which also does duty as a lexicon bd-30...

actually quite cute. lightbulb usb flash..

sounds a bit like some RPG song..hur hur...but nice...and can sing!


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ha Ha..Joseph Stiglitz is coming round to my point of view!

We have gone far down an alternative path – creating a society in which materialism dominates moral commitment, in which the rapid growth that we have achieved is not sustainable environmentally or socially, in which we do not act together as a community to address our common needs, partly because rugged individualism and market fundamentalism have eroded any sense of community and have led to rampant exploitation of unwary and unprotected individuals and to an increasing social divide.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

RestoreLive, Deepfreeze, Returnil, ICore, SteadyState and IPAM.

Something interesting to add to restorelive would be the ability to choose what to commit what to commit and what to discard. but actually, truth be told, is that a real recovery objective?

faronics deepfreeze seems to enable that. you could store different changes in different virtual drives and choose which to commit and which to discard upon reboot, which is quite cool. but what is it good for?

returnil virtual system 2010 is a little like our ex- RL+FSIS combo..

but icore virtual accounts is really quite cool. make virtual containers anytime, a little bit like altiris svs + mojopac! and like them, its free!

of course, for system admins, the old and still good tool is still steadystate...

and yah, i wonder if a dns and ip management appliance is actually something useful...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

8 things to celebrate


ok, productivity did not fall as badly as i made it out to be. i wonder what the base population is though. since singstat does not report the singaporean population, but instead reports /singapore residents/, which is citizens + PRs. whatever the case, the increase in the number of people living in singapore seems to be the source of the gdp growth, not improving productivity.

“Over time, Singaporeans have become less hard-driving and hard-striving. This is why it is a good thing that the nation has welcomed so many Chinese immigrants.”


we work longer hours than the taiwanese, japanese and south koreans.
the evening news has gone from 6pm to 10pm.
but still not productive enough.

3. you know, people who live in potong pasir are singaporeans too. they also pay taxes and serve NS.

“You vote for the other side, that means you reject the programs of the PAP candidate… If you reject it, we respect your choice. Then you will be left behind, then in 20, 30 years’ time, the whole of Singapore will be bustling away, and your (housing) estate through your own choice will be left behind. They become slums. That’s my message.”

4. theres a fancl ad on channel news asia, in japanese. but local dialects are not allowed on air.

5. durians are a south east asian delicacy. singaporeans eat durians. but its not allowed on our MRT trains. though beer breath, salted fish, belechan, coconut hair oil, and medicated oil are all ok.


we're higher up Quality of Life Index than malaysia!


2nd highest gini in the world!

“If native Singaporeans are falling behind because the spurs are not stuck into the hide, that is their problem,”


bottom half of the table here...

Monday, January 18, 2010

GlideOS, MASA, Avira taiwan, and Senao

30 gbs online storage free!

newly launched email+security appliance..

avira finds reseller in taiwan.

i didnt know senao made handsets..tot they made wifi equipment...

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Rock'n Rolls

In my head this sweet music
Hope it stays with me forever
Blue horizon waiting, there's something for us there

In my heart my sweet baby
Hope I will have your love forever
Blue horizon waiting to take us somewhere

Babe, I'll paint the whole world just for you
In all your favorite shades of blue

I need music and you
I'll always love you baby
Just you and rock'n roll yeah

What will become of the world
Whatever happens, it don't matter
Blue horizon calling as stars are falling down

The music carries you and me
It takes us to whre we want to go
And riding on i'ts wings we will get there don't you know

So baby it's one song sing it now
As sweet harmonies of love are coming through

I need music and you
I'll always love you baby yeah

So baby it's one song sing it now
As sweet harmonies of love are coming through

I need music and you
I'll always love you baby uh huh
I need music and you
Yeah, just music and my baby too
I'll paint the world your favorite color blue
I'll always love you baby
Just you and rock'n roll yeah
Just you and rock'n roll yeah
Just you and rock'n roll yeah
Just you and rock'n roll yeah

Monday, January 11, 2010

km900 vs n86

come end of february my phone contract will come to an end. i could

1. get a nokia e66 and sell it for maybe $300 (minus what e66 cost from singtel, $98 or less).
2. buy a second hand nokia n86 for $450+.
3. enjoy 8mp cam with f2.4 28mm carl zeiss lens with sliding lens cover.


4. buy lg km900 for $98 or less
5. enjoy 5mp cam with schneider lens, bigger higher res multi touch screen.

6. the nokia has a smaller, lower res screen - not so good for anime, lack of touchscreen encumbers web browsing a bit, is a slider - would it break into with my kind of rough usage? i have nokia chargers..
7. the lg has a lower res camera with unknown specced lens but the main issue is that its not covered , its not a smartphone that i could install apps as i go along, streaming video can only be done over 3g not wifi, email attachment size max only 1mb, its a touchscreen so will i miss the physical phone number pad? will the screen split and break with my kind of rough usage? lg doesnt use standard usb ports.

Misia - Stay in my heart (live)

Generation i , and a few things that caught my eye

We have never written so much before in all of our history. And never before in our history has our writing been able to receive feedback from our audience like what is happening now with blogs and tweets. And the next generations, with ever shorter chronological gaps between the generations, will be even smarter than us.

Studies performed by Dr. Rosen at Cal State show that 16- to 18-year-olds perform seven tasks, on average, in their free time — like texting on the phone, sending instant messages and checking Facebook while sitting in front of the television.

People in their early 20s can handle only six, Dr. Rosen found, and those in their 30s perform about five and a half.

meanwhile, in other news...

a community/cloud anti this really different from our current 'normal' antivirus programs?

super cool. a packet inspecting appliance. to guard data leakage.

displaylink usb3 version!

plug computer 3.0! pray tonido plug upgrades to this too! 2ghz arm now!

the boh-liao starts now. a usb gadget to access that nas i have at home? 1. port forwarding/dyndns 2.the new easy VPNs like readynas remote..

it apparently absorbs wifi to produce electricity for charging..why not be a little more normal..and just go for solar charging?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

simon johnson, mit - 'the crisis is just begining'

This is so cute, someone who is clearly high about his predictions of coming doom...theres indeed sense in what he says, but he says it with such enthusiasm that its funny...

Cotton Eye Joe on The Recording Industry

Saturday, January 09, 2010

living room internet devices

its totally cool that boxee has got d-link to license a box...but hulu and iplayer are still so xenophobic about their content...what use is a pure boxee box to me? how about a small cheap computer that runs boxee? but acceptable video performance at an affordable price is hard to find...

a 3g/4g wifi router that doubles as some sort of organiser + streaming media player + browser? cool!

but sadly t-mobile isnt available here, i hope i-river makes it! but it lacks what i consider the all important function of serving as the wifi router..

ditto the o2 joggler, which can't even browse the internet properly...

*an aside about pico projectors..they're beginning to be built into phones..which i think is super cool! i'm imagining going to a cafe table against the wall and read emails or watch anime or share photos using the projector bit...

mobile internet devices

pertaining to the recent interest in ebook readers..these dmc people have been putting some thought and effort into it for awhile now..i hope they survive in the amazon/sony world...

an alternative solution; half color, half e-ink..

but at the price, why not a cheap laptop or even tablet?!

you could have a whole gang of little devices networked with one of these 3g/4g 11n routers..

u could call overseas with one of these usb thingies..if u'r not into fiddling with skype...

this an aside, this is just a small firm making ipod docks. but the idea is that everyone could try make their stuff look a little better..

Friday, January 08, 2010