Sunday, September 26, 2010

lousy weekend

wanted to go to gan fish farm(and sungei buloh) yesterday. went before via yew tee taking the feeder bus that belongs to the farm resort(more like chalet) beside it and via kranji taking the kranji express minibus. but friends i went with didnt want to wait 1/2hr for kranji express, and we all boarded 925, which they thought went to the area as well. well, it didnt. went home after that.

put together a system from old parts. i think its a socket 754 athlon. havent powered it up. don't have a lan port to connect it to either. will do it in time to come..

wasted lots of time scanning negs. didnt notice the auto tone feature was on - had to rescan everything. fook.

arsenal lost to west brom 3-2 last night. i responded to with...

it seems that we're not going to get an akinfeev or ochoa anytime soon..fair enough, if we're not willing to pay up. but really, if the goalkeeping standard is going to be this low, then why not just play mannone and wj? at least i can console myself that they're 'young' if they screw up. and i doubt they can screw it up any worse than what we're already seeing.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

i made a comment there..

and was incensed by "as a professional I think he has to accept competition for places" and "playing a season in league one does not make you a Premier League keeper"

so i responded with :

the issue about Szczesny is that the 2 'senior' keepers are not much good. any keeper will do, if arsenal are prepared to accept the standard of almunia/fabiansk; and if any keeper will do, then why not Szczesny? in fact, instead of putting fabianski in goal, why not just play without a keeper? probably concede less without him flapping harmless crosses into his own goal or giving the ball back to the opponents to let them take quick free kicks. the only time i've seen an arsenal keeper win the match for the team(instead of costing the team, like what almunia/fabianski do all the time) since lehman left was when mannone played against fulham. so , based on what i can see (i havent seen Szczesny play,ever), i think mannone is by far the better keeper compared to almunia/fabianski. its a bit like the time when lehman left...i cannot imagine any reason how almunia can be preferred in goal ahead of lehman. if arsenal were to pick keepers on merit, then almunia should not be the 1st choice, and fabianski shld not be allowed anywhere near gloves.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

guns vs spuds

rednapp was saying fans want to see winners, not kids. van der vaart, in jest or not, chimed in that spurs is a bigger team than arsenal. yet rednapp played more than a few kids. arsenal too always for the league cup.

Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal
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Saturday, September 04, 2010

what do i do with an extra machine?

thinking and are quite cool..

thinking i want to try running my own wave in a box when its sounds cool...

why are there no mobile/android versions of uusee, sopcast and stuff yet? haiz... tho i heard theres ustream for android though... so its not impossible!
i had, for a while thought about streaming from my desktop to a url that i can access from my phone with browser or with a video app.. but thats retarded really.

about inception...why do they all dream violent modern day dreams? why not dream of unicorns and fairies? or wwII fighter planes? or ancient Greek/Roman times? or kinghts and vikings?