Sunday, October 31, 2010


true enough, we may say rooney is an idiot off the pitch. but how come we never go about pointing out stephen hawking is crap at football?

car2gether, ubercab, airbnb and a few more. when will they be replaced by google maps/earth?

p3 500.

Monday, October 18, 2010

why can't they use swap!!!!?

failed to start a vm under hypervm/xen because i dun have enough ram - at least thats what hypervm is saying.

but i cannot install kloxo. the admin page wont show up - something is not running.

may try to reduce dom0's memory allocation by the 10mb that hypervm is saying i lack..

may follow the wiki and skip innodb loading to cut ram usage by 100mb.

dun understand why both dom0 and domU don't just use swap. i may have limited ram, but i got swap!

is this right?

1. USA invaded Afghanistan because when asked to extradict osama bin laden, their government dared to ask for proof or something like that. have 100k people died in that war already?

and this mike mullen dude dares to say wikileaks has the blood of afghans on their hands? have a sense of scale!

and better yet, afterwards his boss the defense secretary admits wikileaks didnt leak anything sensitive -

2. some basic math apparently. the world is quite underpopulated actually. what's all the fuss over overpopulation about?

Wednesday, October 06, 2010


am trying to migrate winxp to a different machine using odin right now. 13+mbps, 10gb img file. hope it works..

after that the plan is to make the new machine, a p3, take over all that the previous machine, a p4, did - host 1 site and 1 email domain.

that shld consume much less power. for a while.

the next goal is to run xen on the p4, put centos+klaxo on it, and move the website over..

and possibly run untangle on that too.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

in real life, you'd have put him behind bars for aggravated assault

first he did :

then he did :

and then he did this :

and then finally this: