Thursday, May 29, 2014

Getting to work on diversity at Google

African Americans make up only 12% of the population yet 65% of NFL players. Time for quotas?

African Americans also make up 80% of NBA players despite being only 12% of the population. Time for quotas?

White Europids are 72.4% of the population but 96.5% of veterinarians. Time for quotas?

Every major Hollywood studio was founded by Jewish people. Jewish people make up less than 6% of the US population yet they make up almost 100% of entertainment industry executives. Jews are massively over represented in films as directors, producers, writers, and actors. (see Joel Stein's article in the New York Times ) Time for quotas?

Guess, Ralph Lauren, Mark Echo, Michael Kors, Kenneth Cole, Marc Jacobs, Levi's, and an overwhelming majority of other top fashion brands were started by Jews....Time for quotas in the fashion industry too?

72.4% of Americans are White, yet 61% of Google employees are White. Technically Whites are under-represented.

Women earn 18% of computer science degrees, yet 30% of Google employees are Women. Technically women are over-represented.

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