Friday, May 02, 2014

More Phabricator goodness:

  • When closing a ticket, you can choose 'Resolved', 'Invalid', 'Wontfix', or 'Spite'.

  • When choosing custom permissions for an object, you can choose allow/deny 'when the moon' 'is full'/'is waning'/'is waxing'/'is new'.

  • Submission buttons for text fields are sometimes 'Submit', and sometimes 'Clowncopterize' or 'Avast!' or something equally ridiculous.


and phacility is so enterprisey..

What should we charge?

How much would you pay for a hosted version of Phabricator? We will offer

At least one 9 of uptime per month
Sporadic updates when you're least expecting it
24x7 automated chat support in #phabricator most of the time

from Lizard's Ghost

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