Thursday, August 28, 2014

a cab hailing dream


1. geolocate me. or i specify a pickup point. and time.

2. i specify a destination.


a. geofence. 5km radius. list of all pickups. sorted by proximity or user ratings. or magic. show top 5 or 10 only.

b. selects me. or up to 3 pax.

c. puts up a price for the trip. 0.2btc perhaps. and how long the offer stands. 120s perhaps.


3. select 1 driver. agree or disagree to share the trip with other pax. the more pax sharing the ride, the cheaper it is for each.


d. gets notified whether each pax agrees to the trip. accepts the drive or not.

e. picks up passengers.


4. once driver is in passenger proximity. 100m? deduct from btc stored in wallet.

5. once passenger is in destination proximity. 100m? pay driver.

6. option to tip driver.

from Lizard's Ghost

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