Saturday, August 09, 2014

antispam idea

  1. you email me at

  2. my mail server or spam filtering gateway auto replies with a url..which perhaps requires a password to access or expires in 24hours or requires a captcha or whatever..

  3. url is a webform, with my exact preferences..maybe 500 character limit textarea, 2mb file attach, etc

  4. this text form actually sends mail to my inbox

  5. can work in 2 ways

    i. i actually read my mail at but send mail as

    ii. the webform cleverly writes the mail into my inbox via imap or something..or er, smtp..whatever...

  6. curious how this will work with email threads, mailing lists

  7. maybe it can work with some auto whitelisting rules, like, if i replied to an address before, it doesnt do the webform thing but goes straight to inbox..

from Lizard's Ghost

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