Monday, August 25, 2014

island wide coverage 2

so 600 APs is waaaaay underestimating the problem.

if each AP can connect 100 devices, then something like 60000 APs will be needed to connect 6000000 devices.

some of those devices, specifically android phones for now, can actually work as nodes in the commotion mesh.

imagine every* router sold on the island were running commotion , and many people install it on their laptops and PCs, and some even install it on their phones. it'd be nice, though i doubt it'll happen, if some isp/telco even runs it on their cellular base stations.

* ok so thats probably not going to happen**. but what if someone offered to flash routers to commotion firmware for free? will more than 60000 people take up the offer? i think mesh networks are probably limited to a few hundred nodes before the mesh metadata is too much for them to be useful, actually. so those 60000+ APs will have to be split into smaller geographical zones.. which is not as nice as 1 giant network for the entire island, but is probably useful anyway.

in fact, what would it look like if every android phone on the island were running the commotion app?

**what if 1 of the telcos actually did that? say, if m1 actually turned every router and android phone they sold into part of a mesh, and perhaps even made their cellular base stations part of it, what would the result be?

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