Monday, August 25, 2014


Please note that I'm looking for kickass engineers who want to build the backbone of an industry. But Hired encourages a bidding war. We don’t play along with that. Everyone here at makes sacrifices to be here, because that's what it takes to be a startup, to build a successful company. You should be interested in because of what we do, what you can learn here. We can figure out the salary / equity package once we both agree this is the best next opportunity for you. However, if the minimum salary is what matters to you, _ is not for you and we’d just be wasting each others time. Please keep that in mind. Thanks! -

By sending an email that repels all but the most gullible the scammer gets the most promising marks to self-select, and tilts the true to false positive ratio in his favor. -

from Lizard's Ghost

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