Monday, September 15, 2014


All sorts of people tell me about their memories,

about all the things I left in the playground called Earthbound.

From the tiny safety pins, broken pieces of colored glass to the withering leaves.

When I ask them, "how do you remember so much?"

With their eyes gleaming, they say,

"I love that world so much I remember everything about it." I reply right away saying "me too."

Ah hah! That may be it.

Maybe I wanted to make a playground.

A playground filled with things no matter how small or unwanted,

they would all be kept dear in people's hearts.

It looks like all my friends from around the world have discovered the theme to the game as they were playing – even though I didn't think I gave it one.

That's right, that's something I also wanted to do all along.

  • Shigesato Itoi

from lizard's ghost

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