Thursday, September 04, 2014

google maps mmorpg dream

i await the day google has finished 3d mapping the entire world. so that i can play skyrim-google maps edition. or something like that. wasd movement and mouse aiming(aim what though? camera? ha, its a screenshot!), e to jump and spacebar to interact. with mumble or teamspeak built in. and game lobby.

maybe i shall login to the vietnam server and play the hcmc map or something. and buy things from shops that have marked up their goods and services on the map just like some in-game vendor. if she's online we might even speak over the game chat.

too bad i probably can't buy bbq lady's fingers that way. or maybe she can send a thermos of streetside pho by fedex/dhl and i could have still-hot pho next morning.

from lizard's ghost

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