Monday, October 13, 2014

able gamers, special effect and 1 button bayonetta

and What Super Smash Bros. 3DS looks like with varying types of colorblindness..

"Take Bayonetta for example. Many developers would think that the core mechanic is executing complex combos. But it's not," Hamilton said. "The developers abstracted it out a bit, and [realized] that what makes the game fun is the feeling of successfully pushing your motor skills to the limit ... So they included a wide range of difficultly settings, going all the way down to a single button mode." As a result, he added, Bayonetta is, quite unexpectedly, the most accessible game of its type. Its developers understood that the point was empowering players, and that can be scaled to people of just about any ability. If someone only has the physical ability to hit one button, they could still play and get roughly the same challenge/reward balance as everyone else. For quadriplegics, that button can be mapped to a microswitch, eye motion trackers or a wide variety of other pieces of technology. The core of what Bayonetta attempts to do remains in tact regardless of input device.

from lizard's ghost

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