Friday, November 28, 2014

i really just want to buy dragon age inquisition on steam

but since EA will only release it on origin, i'm thinking of instead..

and neither , , , nor are helping..

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Thursday, November 27, 2014

using accunetix/webcruiser on other people's websites is illegal..

Eighteen of the 44 counts in Salinas’ indictment, for instance, were for cyberstalking an unnamed victim. But each of those charges was based on Salinas merely filling out a public contact form on the victim’s website with junk text. Every time he clicked “submit” had been counted as a separate case of cyberstalking.

Another 15 counts of violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act in Salinas’ indictment were tied to websites he had targeted in an alleged hacking spree; in some cases he was charged multiple times for different alleged hacking attempts of the same site over the course of just minutes. In each case, Ekeland says, Salinas had merely scanned the sites with commercially available vulnerability scanning tools like Acunetix and Webcruiser.

In his final plea agreement, the only remaining one of those 44 felonies to which Salinas actually pleaded guilty—downgraded to a misdemeanor—was a computer fraud and abuse charge for repeatedly scanning the Hidalgo County website for vulnerabilities. Prosecutors argued the scans slowed down the site’s performance.

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Kisima Ingitchuna (never alone)

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about augmented reality

recently i came across


which made me wonder if

is a thing of the past..

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my actual problems that shops rarely solve

  1. do u have this or something similiar in another color/size/$attribute?

    and then they don't have it in stock and then

  2. do u have this in stock at your other store?

  3. when will this be restocked?

  4. can u reserve 1 unit for me?

other than when i'm at mustapha i'm not totally sure i have issues with

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

so long and thanks for all the fish..

Since we launched MXAlerts almost 3 years ago, a lot has happened. We've come across new challenges in email monitoring, added many new features to our system and with that, grown our customer base. We’re proud to announce the latest round of enhancements to MXAlerts including:

* Support for Gmail/Google Apps monitoring
* Performance statistics
* Enhanced monitoring logs
* Improved Geckoboard integration

To support this investment, we are no longer able to offer the MXAlerts free account after December 8, 2014. The good news is that you can continue using our services for as low as $59/year, and if you act before 12/1 you’ll save 20% off that price. For less than 13 cents a day, you will have access to all our premium features, including:

* 5 minute monitoring interval
* Enhanced monitoring logs
* Performance statistics
* Geckoboard support
* and more.. see full feature list here

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Sunday, November 09, 2014

perhaps, perhaps, perhaps..

perhaps google+ or google now or facebook can , after some time of monitoring my commuting patterns, suggest to me people who live and work nearby to me?

perhaps we can share cab to work.

perhaps if we're going to share cab, then google can go one step further and not limit the cab sharing to similiar start and end points..pickup and drop off points along the way are ok too.

perhaps uber/sidecar/lyft can go even further..and ask private vehicle owners who share similiar commute patterns as cab passengers whether they would let them hitch a ride..perhaps for a fee...

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Friday, November 07, 2014

ad-bots pitching services and wares to automated web-crawlers


vinbreau 8 hours ago | link

I envision a future where a significant share of the advertising market is comprised of automated ad-bots pitching services and wares to automated web-crawlers. There's something obtusely philosophical about that and what it says about us, though I am not sure what that is.


arbitrage 8 hours ago | link

William Gibson could probably give you some ideas on what that says about us. He started writing about this fictionally decades ago.


wernercolangelo 8 hours ago | link

Or Stanislaw Lem


klipt 8 minutes ago | link

Or Douglas Adams in the Dirk Gently books.


readerrrr 6 hours ago | link

Really? Could you share the titles.


pessimizer 7 hours ago | link

Or Frederick Pohl and Cyril Kornbluth

(Or Alvin Lucier:


pavel_lishin 7 hours ago | link

Charles Stross, too.


aaronbrethorst 8 hours ago | link

Somewhat related:


twrkit 7 hours ago | link

reminds me of Google Will Eat Itself:


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Thursday, November 06, 2014

cause and effect

on the phenomenon of bullshit jobs

the art of not working at work

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Tuesday, November 04, 2014

addicted to bass

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Monday, November 03, 2014

ideas are cheap

  1. i dont know if its too high tech for now. but look at buying/selling/renting property online. its like simlim price lists, not amazon. you can only check. cannot transact. why?

    can the agent be automated away?

    what do the agents do that are manual/physical?

    the property viewings? can those be acheived with a webcam thing? a video? a drone quadcopter?

    possibly a electronic lock that allows the owner to open the door remotely instead of passing physical keys to the agent might already be quite interesting?

  2. for some reason i find this to be a really intrigueing thing..

    can be adapted to all sorts of other things that people blog about.

    for games there seems to be

    but there must be other niches?

    audio gear? arduino components? food (blog your recipe or what u just ate, sell ingredients or vouchers to the restaurant)?

  3. really. it costs what, 2k to put a 1/2 page ad on a magazine or something?

    how much does it cost to advertise on a taxi?

    how many people see the taxi?

    why not private cars?

    the cheapest private car now is probably ~25k for 2.5 yrs left on coe.

    i dont see why the budget car owner would not consider carrying advertising to offset the 1k+/mth the car is costing him/her.

    i imagine a rear bumper ad at $100/mth might already be quite attractive. its not as distracting to the owner as putting stickers over the entire car, but in heavy traffic the driver behind cant help but see the ad on the rear bumper.

    but yeah, enforcing the ad sticker to remain on the car would be hard..

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