Monday, November 03, 2014

ideas are cheap

  1. i dont know if its too high tech for now. but look at buying/selling/renting property online. its like simlim price lists, not amazon. you can only check. cannot transact. why?

    can the agent be automated away?

    what do the agents do that are manual/physical?

    the property viewings? can those be acheived with a webcam thing? a video? a drone quadcopter?

    possibly a electronic lock that allows the owner to open the door remotely instead of passing physical keys to the agent might already be quite interesting?

  2. for some reason i find this to be a really intrigueing thing..

    can be adapted to all sorts of other things that people blog about.

    for games there seems to be

    but there must be other niches?

    audio gear? arduino components? food (blog your recipe or what u just ate, sell ingredients or vouchers to the restaurant)?

  3. really. it costs what, 2k to put a 1/2 page ad on a magazine or something?

    how much does it cost to advertise on a taxi?

    how many people see the taxi?

    why not private cars?

    the cheapest private car now is probably ~25k for 2.5 yrs left on coe.

    i dont see why the budget car owner would not consider carrying advertising to offset the 1k+/mth the car is costing him/her.

    i imagine a rear bumper ad at $100/mth might already be quite attractive. its not as distracting to the owner as putting stickers over the entire car, but in heavy traffic the driver behind cant help but see the ad on the rear bumper.

    but yeah, enforcing the ad sticker to remain on the car would be hard..

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