Wednesday, November 19, 2014

so long and thanks for all the fish..

Since we launched MXAlerts almost 3 years ago, a lot has happened. We've come across new challenges in email monitoring, added many new features to our system and with that, grown our customer base. We’re proud to announce the latest round of enhancements to MXAlerts including:

* Support for Gmail/Google Apps monitoring
* Performance statistics
* Enhanced monitoring logs
* Improved Geckoboard integration

To support this investment, we are no longer able to offer the MXAlerts free account after December 8, 2014. The good news is that you can continue using our services for as low as $59/year, and if you act before 12/1 you’ll save 20% off that price. For less than 13 cents a day, you will have access to all our premium features, including:

* 5 minute monitoring interval
* Enhanced monitoring logs
* Performance statistics
* Geckoboard support
* and more.. see full feature list here

from lizard's ghost

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