Friday, March 06, 2015

an interface for linking a GPL kernel, specifically, Linux, against binary blobs..

Until you stop violating our copyrights with the VMWare ESX support nothing

is going to be supported. So could you please stop abusing the Linux code

illegally in your project so I don't have to sue you, or at least piss off

and don't expect us to support you in violating our copyrights. I know this

isn't you fault, but please get the VMware/EMC legal department to fix it

up first. -

Vmware uses a badly hacked 2.4 kernel with a big binary blob hooked into

it, giving a derived work of the linux kernel that's not legally

redistributable. I unfortunately don't have enough copyrights on that

particular version to sue them. I do object to use of any open-iscsi

code of my origin to be used with it, though. -

from lizard's ghost

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