Tuesday, June 09, 2015

what a strange thing to accuse Amazon of..

I believe that reading only packaged microwavable fiction ruins the taste, destabilizes the moral blood pressure, and makes the mind obese.
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Sunday, June 07, 2015


dell is competing with chromebooks..

sabayon comes with steam..
but unfortunately steam probably doesn't work on reactOS..

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Thursday, June 04, 2015

Everything at Google, from Search to Gmail, is packaged and run in a Linux container.

Each week we launch more than 2 billion container instances across our global data centers, and the power of containers has enabled both more reliable services and higher, more-efficient utilization of our infrastructure. We developed Kubernetes, the open source orchestration system for Docker containers, based on our experience engineering Google’s internal systems. Now Kubernetes powers Container Engine. With Container Engine, you can focus on your application, rather than managing a compute cluster or manually scheduling your containers.


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Wednesday, June 03, 2015

finding a soulmate

Your love is one in a million
You couldn’t buy it at any price.
But of the 9.999 hundred thousand other loves,
Statistically, some of them would be equally nice.

With all my heart and all my mind I know one thing is true:
I have just one life and just one love and, my love, that love is you.
And if it wasn't for you, baby,
I really think that I would
have somebody else.


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but openssh hasn't met them before..


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Looking Forward: Microsoft: Support for Secure Shell (SSH)

As Microsoft has shifted towards a more customer-oriented culture. Microsoft engineers are using social networks, tech communities and direct customer feedback as an integral part on how we make decisions about future investments. A popular request the PowerShell team has received is to use Secure Shell protocol and Shell session (aka SSH) to interoperate between Windows and Linux – both Linux connecting to and managing Windows via SSH and, vice versa, Windows connecting to and managing Linux via SSH. Thus, the combination of PowerShell and SSH will deliver a robust and secure solution to automate and to remotely manage Linux and Windows systems.

SSH solutions are available today by a number of vendors and communities, especially in the Linux world. However,there are limited implementations customers can deploy in Windows production environments. After reviewing these alternatives, the PowerShell team realized the best option will be for our team to adopt an industry proven solution while providing tight integration with Windows; a solution that Microsoft will deliver in Windows while working closely with subject matter experts across the planet to build it. Based on these goals, I’m pleased to announce that the PowerShell team will support and contribute to the OpenSSH community - Very excited to work with the OpenSSH community to deliver the PowerShell and Windows SSH solution!

A follow up question the reader might have is When and How will the SSH support be available? The team is in the early planning phase, and there’re not exact days yet. However the PowerShell team will provide details in the near future on availability dates.

Finally, I'd like to share some background on today’s announcement, because this is the 3rd time the PowerShell team has attempted to support SSH. The first attempts were during PowerShell V1 and V2 and were rejected. Given our changes in leadership and culture, we decided to give it another try and this time, because we are able to show the clear and compelling customer value, the company is very supportive. So I want to take a minute and thank all of you in the community who have been clearly and articulately making the case for why and how we should support SSH! Your voices matter and we do listen.

Thank you!

Angel Calvo
Group Software Engineering Manager
PowerShell Team

Additional Information

For more information on SSH please go to http://ift.tt/1uGPf5v

For information on OpenSSH go to: http://ift.tt/1uVGPHO

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