Tuesday, December 22, 2015

I'm sorry you're mad

This is mostly a disappointing response that tries to deflect with "hey, we do good stuff too!" which is a PR move, not an argument against the events which caused the accusations against Product Hunt.

I don't care how nice he is in person, just as I don't care how mean Steve Jobs was. I judge people by the products they put out. If his product perpetuates the power structures of Silicon Valley and gives insiders special access then he's actually not a very nice guy.

The guy is a politician. So many smokey words and mirrors, so little straight talk.

Wow what a crock of shit. They got called out for back room deals and ignoring products; and it's only after a revolt ready to make their entire operation obsolete that they publish a half hearted PR response that admits no responsibility at all.

Am I the only one that read (most of) this and didn't really see any direct responses to the criticisms leveled at it last week?

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