Monday, January 18, 2016

what is this? journalism???!!! wtf is the author going on about???

Five years ago, Taiwan’s tech industry was riding high. The device maker HTC had surpassed Apple to become the largest smartphone vendor in the United States, while the computer company Acer had leapfrogged Dell to become the world’s second-largest personal computer maker. Such successes helped lift Taiwan’s economy, building on the country’s longtime work on computer chips and moving the island nation into its next phase as a tech power..

..That trajectory has turned. Last year, share prices of the computer makers Acer and Asustek plummeted 43 percent and 22 percent as the PC market sagged, while HTC plunged 45 percent. Taiwan electronics exports have been falling since February 2015, and in the third quarter, the country’s gross domestic product contracted partly because of weakness in the tech sector.


from lizard's ghost

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