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owncloud and openoffice and mysql


Community-Fork and new companies : Next cloud is the "restart" for ownCloud

Leading ownCloud developers, including the founder Karlitschek, start with a cloud Next Fork of the code and a new company. The goal is a better balance between companies, customers and users. For the team to Karlitschek has big plans.

End of April the ownCloud project founder and former chief technology officer of the eponymous company has Karlitschek announced to leave this. He was followed by several other core developers. Common to all was the vague announcement to want to leave anyway not the community. Now it is clear what the group has meant to Karlitschek: You justify a run by the Community elimination (Fork) of the codes and a new company to support the free server platform for synchronizing files. Both are Next cloud hot.

With Next cloud the team wants to put as early as next July a complete replacement for ownCloud is available which can be used by both home users and corporate customers' problems instead of ownCloud. The new entity is formed here in cooperation with that combines a WebRTC server as videoconferencing solution with ownCloud and thus pre-installed computer under the name Spreedbox sold. Will lead the new company Karlitschek and Niels Mache, who has hitherto been responsible for and co-founder of Red Hat Germany.

Next cloud is more than just file synchronization

The focus of next cloud should be on giving users complete control over their data. For the development team wants to extend the Web application on the core functionality significantly further. In addition to the parts and synchronizing files to the server WebRTC Spreed and the corresponding application will be integrated. Similarly to frequently used ownCloud applications like calendar or contact management of cloud Next maintained and are officially supported. Also conceivable is a further expansion of cooperation with LibreOffice to edit Office documents collaboratively in the browser.

The Next cloud company promises enterprise customers fully continue the contracts previously concluded with ownCloud. Customers should so continue to get the scheduled expert support they need to continue to run their servers. The change of the core developers in the new company will not adversely affect the customer, thanks to this offer.

Dissatisfied with the old company

The former community manager at ownCloud and now for communication at Next Cloud responsible Jos Poortvliet designated the project as a "restart" . Speaking to Karlitschek and Poortvliet give as a reason for the re-establishment "structural problems" and some "economic decisions" of ownCloud company, which had caused great dissatisfaction. For more details do not want to call both though. The business model of Next cloud is however based on longevity and sustainability. This could not provide the desired extent the ownCloud company the team the next cloud founder apparently.

Moreover Next cloud should restore a balance between the needs of the company, its customers and the developer community. Thus the ownCloud companies have increasingly withdrawn from the community development since 2014, which led to a variety of unprocessed contributions from external developers.

Next Cloud will improve the situation, inter alia, that (CLA) or proprietary enterprise apps should be dispensed blocking elements such as a Contributor License Agreement. Karlitschek commented "There are many things to improve and to do so with the community to work together and for this we have the contributors." . All developments would happen with Next Cloud logical public.

In the tradition of LibreOffice

In addition to project founder Karlitschek and Poortvliet far the developers Arthur Schiwon and Bj√∂rn Schiessle , responsible for the security Luke Reschke , the Desing CEO Jan-Christoph Borchardt and the for critical customer responsible Morris Jobke made ​​public, to have left the ownCloud companies. It is assumed that those named will continue to work at Next Cloud. Probably some developers will follow even, at least look for Next Cloud actively seeking additional staff.

Poortvliet compares the Fork and the reestablishment of the Next cloud company with the development of LibreOffice and MariaDB. The latter two projects emerged as Forks of or MySQL. The reason for this was the dissatisfaction Forks community about the growing dominance by the new owner Oracle.

Probably to stop the looming loss of a large part of the development team and to respond to the already expressed problems in dealing with the community, the ownCloud company announced the creation of two days ago ownCloud Foundation announced. The Foundation is projected to the announcement as "independent homeland for ownCloud" serve with more than 10 million users and a total of 1,000 contributors, this goal will probably find it hard to reach.

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